Iceland Day 5

8th March 2017 Wednesday

Morning @ Hofn. We had breakfast at the hotel before setting off. About 5 minutes drive from the hotel we came across this wonderful lookout point.



I like this picture… the stretch to the right of reflected mountain (picture above).



Group Photo….

AT 20170308_084607 (38)


三八妇女节。 A day specially delegated to the ladies…. picture to commemorate this occasion.





After drove pass Hofn Tunnel, we were along the northern eastern Coast. The coast line is rugged with headlands jagged out into the roaring wave. The view was spectacular.




we had a number of stops to capture good pictures.



Late morning, we arrived at Djúpivogur, a picturesque little village.

AT 20170308_084607 (58).jpg


The village center.

AT 20170308_084607 (132).jpg


and this little docking bay.

AT 20170308_084607 (73).jpg


Just outside the village, we spotted a sheep farm. This was the first sheep farm we saw in Iceland.



And this cunning looking creature stared at us from the corner of her eyes….I think her wool has the natural curl… quite nice.

AT 20170308_084607 (85).jpg


Its neighbour…. a tiny museum…

AT 20170308_084607 (69).jpg

AT 20170308_084607 (68).jpg


At the end of the village … art piece  – known as “Eggs of Merry Bay”. Rather Unique.

AT 20170308_084607 (62).jpg


Out of the village, we found a good spot for picnic lunch 20170308_123416.jpg


After Lunch, it was a long drive to Egilsstaðir. This coastal drive was wonder on its own. We were very fortunate to have very quiet water and were feast with many reflective sight.




Exiting the coastal drive…

AT 20170308_084607 (112)


we were into the northern country…. driving between towering snow mountain.



We had a detour to Seyðisfjörður. This is a Port town.




we had good break ….and enjoyed some stretching….20170308_162112.jpg


some how…. this place gave me a lovely Sunny Christmas feeling. Quite, peaceful and it would be so wonderful if there was Christmas bell ringing.





The drive towards Egilsstaðir….(another lonely road series)



Approaching Egilsstaðir. The sun started its descend.



We brought some grocery and head to Egilsstaðir At Home Apartment.

AT 20170308_084607 (122).jpg


Iceland sunset had been extremely orange and bright, tinted with purple pink….



We had pan fried vegetable and salmon for dinner …. very tasty ….

AT 20170308_084607 (127).jpg

AT 20170308_084607 (131).jpg


End of Day 5….it was day we spent most of the time driving and feast our eyes with beautiful and reflective landscape. Leisure and enjoyable.

iceland d5

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