Iceland Day 3

6th March 2017 Monday.

It was a little wet and it took us more than one and half hour to reach Fjaðrárgljúfur. The last stretch beyond the main road was difficult and I had to drive very slowly.

From the car park, we used the  guided rope for the long stretch of uphill ice field climb. 20170306_110042


Looking down from the ridge, the canyon looked especially black on the snowy background.



The downhill beyond the car park is where the river meander over the flat plain.



Hong King and Ling Ling explored the verge of the canyon and returned with these pictures. This is a picture of lower end of the Canyon, where the river exit the canyon and meander over the flat plain.



This is a picture of upper edge of Canyon. A spot not to miss if we come again in Summer. It is going to be a vast green during the summer months.



Leaving Fjaðrárgljúfur, we headed for Skaftafell National Park. After 30 minutes drive, we spotted a row of cars parking at roadside.

Yes, there was a roadside waterfall.



One unfortunate driver, went a little too far and had his vehicle stuck in the ice. Many people tried to help, seemed like getting worst and no better. (Lesson : never drive beyond the road mark limit, we really do not know what was under the snow).



The group decided to have lunch at a picnic point by the road side. A very interesting experience.20170306_133253.jpg


Just before Skaftafell National Park, we stopped by Skeiðará Bridge Monument. (In 1996, the volcano Vatnajökull erupted, melting portions of glacier and creating massive floods, sweeping the bridge off by house sized iceberg. This created a big gap on the ring road. This is the only remaining of the original bridge)



A close up picture of the monument.



Continued on our way to Skaftafell National Park. The weather has changed – it was happy sunny blue sky.



We did not stay long at Skaftafell National Park. And this was probably the closest we came near the Glaciers at Skaftafell.



A surprise rainbow hung over the glacier. I thought we were lucky. I love rainbow because it means luck to me.



And more rainbow as we drove on.



Towards Jökulsárlón, the road was straight and appeared to converged to one point. It was as if driving towards infinity.



A short clip showing the drive in this area. Later I learned from local that beyond the yellow stick, it was a rocky patch that resembled the surface of moon. (another reason to visit Iceland during Summer)

This video doesn’t exist


It was really difficult drive entering the unmarked stretch of road to Jökulsárlón. Trying to give way to vehicle exiting the site, my vehicle had one wheel goes over the edges of road and stuck in the ice some 20m before the car park. It took me quite a while to re-position the wheel and pull it out.



The soft snow and ice mixture was ankle deep. Step by step, heading for the ridge.



Once over the ridge, This beautiful glacier lagoon appeared right before the eyes. A panaromic view from the ridge.



Exploring the Glacier lagoon.



Close up on blue Iceberg.



Group Photo at Jökulsárlón.



Successful Dance.



Further downstream, the iceberg broken down into smaller size and flow slowly towards the ocean. The aged iceberg remain blue.



The floating ice make a turn near the mouth of river.

AT 20170306_171434 (139)


This is a wonderful video captured by Ai Tin.



The ice was deposited on the beach when the tide resides, leaving a spectacular site known to many as diamond beach.



This is not an iceberg … it is a big fat ice-bird.



Many Photographers flocked between the iceberg, looking to shoot their beautiful diamond.



We drove on to our accommodation at Skyrhúsid Guest House before the sun went down. It was wonderful Day 3, filled with icy experience.

iceland day 3

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