Iceland Day 14 (Copenhagen Transit)

17 March 2017 Friday

We had our breakfast at Next Door Cafe. A jewel among locals. The cafe serve different types of pancakes.




There are good numbers of neighbouring cafe, the food were generally the same, bread with very wonderful toppings.



and a neighbouring boutique…



We continue our city exploration. I took a picture of H C Andersen. This man shared many fantasy and wonder with young children all over the world, including myself when I was very young.




We took a break, rest our legs and hopped onto a boat tour to see the city. The cruise passed most of the prominent attractions.



This was a technical wonder – the cruise boat moved underneath a number of bridges and the boat measured an inch smaller than the  bridge arch on either side. The margin of error was very small.




Ok…. it was time to alight from the boat tour.



Lunch time at Atlier Sept. We had avocado toast. We love how it taste that we had a second portion and then took away another two more portions.




After lunch…. we rushed back to Danshotel. It was almost 1530 hrs, we were expecting the taxi driver around 1600 hrs.


A last impression on Copenhagen….

Before my trip, I had always an imaginary impression of Copenhagen being full of 300 pounder people who drink excessively and carry around big beer belly – an association to Copenhagen being  the birthplace of Carlsberg.


On the contrary, there are so many people moving around on bicycle in Copenhagen, they are usually tall, slim and cycle with styles. Very healthy lifestyle.





Slept soundly on the flight and when I woke up…. I am hovering over East Coast Singapore…



Iceland was a wonderful place to visit. There are places that was not covered in this trip. I look forward to Iceland part II – Midnight Sun Adventure.

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