Iceland Day 1

4 March 2017 Saturday. Before dawn, we sneaked  out to check on Aurora. Freezing and no aurora.20170304_055143


Back into B&B and had very filling breakfast.



Looking outside the window, I like the yellow light on the snow.

morning yellow



This is a picture that I like – the exact color reflection of blue sky on the snow.



The lovely thing about holiday – time is for relaxing and watching the sun….  as the sun ticked up above the horizon, the color of ice changed.





Silhouette styles and silhouette Starsoznor


Well I am ready…. waiting for Blue Car Rental to pick Cheryl and myself to their office – to collect our car.



My vehicle for this trip. 28 is a lucky number.



This is what make the car safe when driving on snow.



Setting Off….

AT 20170304_181701 (11)



Heading towards Blue Lagoon.

It seems all visitors must stand against the Blue Lagoon sign block and take photograph. We were no exception.


AT 20170304_181701 (69)

AT 20170304_181701 (14)



Blue Lagoon was really sensational…. freezing air against warm water.



Adding a mug of Local Beer….simple and wonderfully good life….



Some mud mask treatment – make our skin smoother….



Looking back at the lagoon… we bid good bye to this lovely wonderland.




It was Midday at Iceland….. icy and sunny



After Lunch at subway and grocery shopping at Bonus, we headed toward Krysuvik SELTÚN. This was amazing – it was dry wind blowing very light flake of snow, sweeping the powder snow across the road.



Peaceful Reflection I (near Krysuvik)



Arrived at Seltun Krysuvik. It is a little warm oasis amid infinity snow. (Many years ago, someone tried to drill holes and tap on earth heat here. The drilled holes explode like a micro volcano and is still bubbling till today)


AT 20170304_181701 (80)


See the bubbling water…. melt into a valley of warm oasis.




Our next destination : Strandarkirja church

**Timber church – I originally thought that Iceland is so bare that gathering enough wood to build a church is what make Timber Church a big deal. The searched story : Angel had guided a group of sailors through a storm to this Angel’s Bay (Engilsvik), the sailors had build this church to commemorate the incident. This church is also known as Miracle church.



Group Photo at Strandarkirja church.

AT 20170304_181701 (6)


Tapping on Divine power of Miracle Church….




Yes, I explored Angel’s Bay and I saw the Angel.



While we were driving towards our hotel Gesthus Selfoss,  we saw hundreds of Icelandic horses racing on the white snowy plain. It was a wonderful sighting.



Iceland day 1, wonderful and sensational, reaching our hotel after dusk fall. The airline had delivered our luggage to the hotel, but with many broken bearing. For that, we were paid $800 per pax. This was my first claim make to travel insurance company.

Day 1 Driving Route.

day 1 drive

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