Heading to Iceland

2 March 2017 Thursday 2200:

After months of preparation, the moment had arrived. The group gathered at Changi Airport.

See…. a lot of happy faces…



LSS 20170302_223757 (4)


The flight was not smooth. There was a 15 minutes delay due to aircraft couldn’t get its door shut.

LSS 20170303_154015 (28)


3 March 2017 Friday

Arrived Zurich at day break. The custom check at Zurich took us one and half hour. We missed our connection to Copenhagen.

We were lucky. Many travelers failed their connection too and the queue was excessive long behind us.LSS 20170303_154015 (12)


Another 30 minutes delay before our flight took off to Copenhagen. We estimated we had less than one hour to collect luggage and then to recheck in the luggage for the flight to Iceland upon touch down. Accordingly, if we missed our planned flight, the next flight to Iceland would be tomorrow.

The superstar was Ling Ling, who had spoken to officer after officer and she successfully placed all of us onto flight to Iceland, without having us to collect and recheck in our luggage.

Iceland Air service short haul flight to Iceland. I have preconception that it should be like one of those budget airline. On the contrary, the flight is comparable to any world class airline, if not better. The seats are comfortable and good.

LSS 20170303_154015 (16).jpg

LSS 20170303_154015 (33)


While hovering over Iceland. We started to understand why the country is known as Iceland. AT 20170303_150738 (2)

HK 20170303_160635 (5)


It was almost 1600 hrs that we finally stepped into Keflavik airport.

LSS 20170303_154015 (1)


So Sorry…. Our luggage did not arrive. Each of us were given emergency pouch.



and its Content…



A picture outside Keflavik Airport….while waiting for our transport to B&BLSS 20170303_165614 (1)


….Two Mothers Two Daughters

LSS 20170303_165614 (5)


Two mothers


LSS 20170303_165614 (6)


After checked into B&B…few of us move out for dinner.

Sunset Posting of four ladies.

LSS 20170303_182620 (1)

LSS 20170303_182620 (2)


and a flying angel.



We had very good dinner at LangBest. The food were warm and delicious.

AT 20170303_150738 (4)IMG_6419IMG_6420IMG_6422


Surprise ! The local have exceptional appetite. Two adults and kid had two 18 inch Pizza.

18 inch pizza was my biggest miss in Iceland.



….heading back to B&B after dinner.



And Tomorrow marked the beginning of our Iceland 2017 tour.


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