Food and Festive Kyushu Day 3

16 July 2017 Sunday.

We checked out around 0930 hrs and started our Journey to Kagoshima. The stretched of Highway from Fukuoka to Kumamoto was easy drive with long straight road. Occassional paddy field brightened up the sight….

fukuoka to kagoshima1

fukuoka to kagoshima


Once we drove pass Kumamoto, we moved into a very mountainous region and we were going through tunnel after tunnel. The tunnels vary in length from several hundred meters to around 6 KM. There were no stop points in this mountainuous area.

fukuoka to Kagoshima


After exit the mountainous region, we stopped at the Yamae Service station for a break and some food. We were surprised that the service station sell exceptional tasty Katsudon.



It was almost another hour drive before we reach Kagoshima Dolphin Port. The complex consists of wet market, a small local supermart and many eateries. Crowded with locals, kids enjoying and parents chit chating over afternoon tea.



Kids have very enjoyable time playing with water

dolphin port child play


We explored the local supermart….

dolphin port supermart




They sold everything from local catch to clothing and cosmetics.

dolphin port supermart2


Very Nice Ice-cream

dolphin port ice cream


We struggled a little before we locate the Mekkemon Sushi Restaurant. It was on ground level, just beside the supermart.

dolphin port sushi entrace


It was packed with people and we had to wait for 30 mins.

dolphin port sushi crowded


The restaurant practice colored plate system and the price ranged from 130 yen to 432 yen.

dolphin port sushi price


Finally it was our turn… the Sushi were exceptional good, probably one of the best we ever had. This is a “MUST” outlet for anyone who came to Kagoshima.

The Uni were exceptional and we had several portion of Uni Sushi.



Looking up…. we saw the sushi master at work… happy and enjoying what they were doing.

dolphin port sushi master

dolphin port sushi master2


After all the wonderful sushi… a picture with their very friendly staff.

dolphin port sushi pic


We gave it a “LIKE”



After checked into APA kagoshima, we followed the locals through the shopping alleys of Tenmonkan.



Many Japanese ladies in Traditional Costumes flood the alleys. Aggressive selling.



Exit Tenmonkan Alley



In front of Terunkuni Shrine, flooded with locals celebrating Rokugatsudo Lattern Festivals.




and reporter going live on FaceBook.

latern festival to shrine2


It was some struggle before we managed to get to the front of the Shrine where all the lanterns were displayed.

latern festival more crowd1


It was surprisingly less crowded when walking amid rows of lanterns

latern festival lantern3

latern festival lantern2


Occasion for families….

latern festival family

latern festival sisters


Majorities of these lanterns were art pieces by students….



driving your dream and think no evil…

drive yr dream and think no evil


Pictures with Kimono Ladies


latern festival jap ladies pic


We joined the queue to enter the Shrine.

latern festival enter shrine


Making prayer.



Inside the Shrine…



Exit the shrine…. Crowds moved in more aggressively.

latern festival more crowd



Just outside the Shrine, many stalls lined the street.  Kiddy stuff.




Most stalls sold foods…..



food stalls

stalls 2

stalls 3


Kimono Ladies patronizing their favorites stalls…

latern festival jap lady patronise


Short clip on this lantern Festivals.


The event ended with fireworks…


After the event, we strolled to Yataimura (local Food Village) for dinner.

kago yataimura map


At the entrance…


yutaimura entrance


Inside the Food Village, many small stalls lined the alley and people gathered in small tables…. very cosy feeling.

yutaimura small alley





We had Beer, Ramen, cumcumber and fried dumpling. Delicious….





End of Day 3 : It was a long drive to Kagoshima. Arriving at Dolphin Port, we love the local comforts and we love the very tasty Sushi at Mekkemon.

We joined the locals at Rokugatsudo Lattern Festival. It was through such festivals / events that we could get a true local taste. We had our dinner at Yataimura – another place where we enjoyed local taste and local ambience.

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