Food and Festive Kyushu Day 2

15 July 2017 Saturday. We woke up around 0500 hrs to catch at least a portion of Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival. The locals had the celebration throughout the night and at day break, there was a race to carry floats for 5 KM.

At 0600 hrs… people were dispersing. Several key area were still crowded with people.

hakata festive morning


A glimpse of float used for the event.

hakata festive float3


There were mixed of modern and ancient icons all around the float

hakata festive float


….and with no wheel, this is how the local move the float.

hakata festive float carry


Near Kushida Shrine….the participants marched on.

hakata festive small boy

hakata festive small boy running

hakata festive teamwork



Getting God ready….




The float was carried onto the street…

hakata festive carry god


Food and beer after all the hard work…

hakata festive food and beer 1

hakata festive food and beer 3


A very young participant…



Our Pictures…

hakata festive our pic1

hakata festive food and beer

hakata festive our pic


A final ritual ….



On our way back to Hotel, we stopped at 长滨家 (Hakataya) and had very delicious Ramen. The soup was tinted with very fine layer of oil from Char Siew and sesame, coupled with very fine cuts of leeks… we loved the taste very much.



After some washed up, we set off to Huis Ten Bosch….It was 120 KM but it took us more than two hours drive. The toll was very expensive and I think this is and will continue to be a big hindrance for Japanese to travel and enjoy within their country.

Arriving at Huis Ten Bosch.



At the ticketing kiosk…

HTB entrance1


Entering the park…greeted by this puffy doll…



Stepping into a Japanese Dutch Town.

HTB entrance

HTB windmill2


Our first stop was the Teddy Bear Kingdom…

HTB bear kingdom entrance

HTB bear kingdom entrance1


Speaking the Teddy Bear Language (The name for teddy bear language is Terrible !).



Father and Mother of Teddy Bear

HTB bear kingdom papa




and House full of Teddy Bears…


HTB bear kingdom 1


Heading to Dragon world Tour…. in Traditional Dutch Shoes…



Preparing for Dragon World Tour….

HTB prepare

HTB ard world dragon1


Dragon World Tour


HTB ard world dragon


Our next attraction…. Fishing



Really enjoyable big catch…


We scaled the Highest Tower (called Domtoren) in the theme park… A birds’ Eye View

HTB day overview 3 blue circles

HTB day overview 1

HTB day overview 2


A Quick Lunch at Ground Zero of Domtoren. We had Nagasaki Chanpon Noodles, Ramen full of Vegetables @ Gokuu. The Fried Dumpling was good too.




Looking back at Tower City



After lunch, we spend awhile at Amsterdam City…Flower Clock and Glass Museum.

HTB amsterdam city flower clock


At Flowery Amsterdam Square….

HTB amsterdam city1


HTB amsterdam city


I had icy cold beer @ Amsterdam…. felt superb.



On our way to Thriller City…. we spotted this Happy Face…



Thriller City

HTB thriller world1


And into the Thriller City…

HTB thriller world



We spend most of our times inside these Horror Buildings…



The Horrifying sight are not for those with faint heart.





This is one of the “MUST TRY”



A short walk from Thriller City…. we entered the robotic world



Many high tech exhibits… a fantastic creation ….robotic fish



Fighting Transformer…



and this is by Denso wave…. illustration of perfect motion control. Probably we make the PCB !


Then we noticed Chocolate wonderland.

HTB chocolate3


with chocolate car and chocolate waitress…



OMG…. chocolate

HTB chocolate1

HTB chocolate2


Show Stopper…

HTB chocolate no


Exit from Chocolate wonderland… we entered Umbrella Street.

HTB umbrella st 3

HTB umbrella st 1


simple but brilliant creation … colorful wonders.

HTB umbrella st 2


We decided to chill ourselves in a very special cafe

HTB ice flower cafe1


Very nice ice sculpture



as the name suggest…deep frozen flowers



HTB ice flower cafe3


Our Pictures in the cafe

HTB ice flower cafe

HTB ice flower cafe2


We had some quick burger while enjoying Sunset over Huis Ten Bosch

HTB sunset1

HTB sunset


Horizon Adventure is a mini theater @ attraction town. It showed heavy rain pouring over a Dutch town. This was exceptionally good and a MUST for anyone who visit Huis Ten Bosch. (they forbid photographs during the show, so no picture was taken. Advertisement Pic taken from Internet.)

horizon adventure


The center of Attraction Town.

HTB light canopy


Lovely Golden Fountains.

HTB golden fountain

HTB golden fountain2


Leisurely we strolled towards adventure park. Windmill and flower bed were shower with warm light.

HTB on the way to sky castle

HTB to sky castle flowers2

HTB to sky castle flowers


Lovely Canal mirrored.



The sky castle was physically demanding…at the starting of Sky Castle.

HTB sky castle 3


Crossing single plank that was very shaky.

HTB sky castle 2


Clearing obstacles…. in the air

HTB sky castle 1


Finally I was wet when I make it to the exit…



We had the shooting stars…. get ourselves shoot across the flowers garden and Lake … very nice experience. Unfortunately, we have our Handphone and camera kept in locker…. hence no pictures … (advertisement pictures below)

shooting stars


After all the excitement, we decided to have canal boat ride… many reflective view along the way. And then boat headed into a section of colored water.

HTB light show blue fountain


Then came the finale…very enjoyable sight.

HTB light show black water

HTB light show white water

HTB light show light green water

HTB light show green water


We disembarked at Tower City

HTB tower city



Catching night view from the Highest Tower (called Domtoren) in this Theme Park.


HTB night overview 1


We make it to the Theme Park Exit minutes before the closing hour. It was another two hours drive back to our Hotel at Fukuoka, Hakata.

day 2 map


End of Day 2 : This morning, we had our first experience of Festive Celebration at Kyushu. Unique Culture and very strong participating spirit of everyone involved. We spend many hours at Huis Ten Bosch. It offers varieties and spectacular sight. Very enjoyable day.

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