Hokkaido Winter Fantasy Day 6

26 December 2017. Tuesday.

It had been snowing throughout the night. Stepping out of the hotel, it was a completely white Hakodate. In some part of the main street, there were no definition of road and pavement any more.




We made our way to the Morning Market amid lighter snowfall.



This outlet seemed to have a wide varieties of seafood rice bowl for us to choose from.



Our two colored seafood rice bowl.



Uni and scallops – fresh and tasty. Very enjoyable popping feel of fish roe in the mouth.



Back to the dry market…. this stall owner still remember our purchases of BBQ dried squid. In fact we tried the dried squid the night before and found it taste superb. So back for more.



More purchases and very good discount !



Back to the Hotel, we knew for sure it is going to be extremely bad struggle to drag our luggage to the train station….

On the taxi to the train station…. I could not imagine myself driving on this same snowy road.



Waiting for our train… scheduled to be 1045 hrs. It is going to be 5 hours train journey, excluding transit.



It was white snow throughout…



Only get a little lesser snow near coastal area…. (Maritime effect)


I start to feel a little sick and slept most of the journey…



Waking up for bento lunch.

bento lunch


1630 hrs… arrived at Asahikawa. The station is linked to Aeon Mall. We bought some snack for dinner.



Stepping out of the train station….fresh snow everywhere.



the road was blanket by white snow.


A long walk path to our hotel…



End of Day 6 : A day of low activity, except for long train ride. I spend the evening trying to take in medication that possibly can help me to recover as fast as possible.

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