Hokkaido Winter Fantasy Day 4

24 Dec 2017, Sunday.

After some quick bite and hot coffee in the hotel room, we bid good bye to Resol Trinity Hotel.



A long walk to JR station. We had reserved our JR train seat to Hakodate two days earlier. We bought Bento and got onto the train.

On our way to Hakodate. The snowy sighting continuously swept pass us.



1200 hrs… lunch on the train. Japanese Bento had always been very impressive in term of look and taste.



The difference between the express train and normal train is that express train make much fewer stops. A stop near Hakodate…and it was common sight to see snow piling from 0.5m to more than 1 m.



1430 hrs : We arrived at Hakodate. Dragging out luggage some 700 m to our Hotel.



After checked in and a short break in the hotel, we were off to Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Christmas Eve Celebrations… By passing lighted up walk path in front of Hakodate JR station. Gorgeous !

IMG_4971hakodate light tunnel


Our pictures…



2 kilometer of snow walking….we recognized this quiet waterfront …. we know we were near



Yes…. At Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. Orange lights on the leafless creeps clinging tight on the red brick wall combined with snowy pavement…. together it delivered a very romantic aura.



Kanemori red brick warehouse house many retail outlets. Every warehouse units was crowded with people shopping, dinning or simply gathered to enjoy the festive celebrations.



Our fuzzy picture in front of Kanemori.



We were a little early for the 1800 hrs Christmas lighting and firework show. So we decided to have a quick snack at Lucky Pierrot Bay. Based on TripAdvisor, they had the best burger in town.



Tender and Juicy stuff…. we would have ordered a second portion if not because of 40 people in the queue.



Exit from Lucky Pierrot, we could see the floating Christmas tree far ahead




Pushing through the crowd… we were near the floating Christmas tree




And notice the fuzzy reflection….



Better to have someone help us with this Photo…. a little fuzzy when we use the selfie stick.



while waiting for the firework…. We had time to capture pictures of Christmas decor at the waterfront.



The crowd cheers with the starting of the fire work….



Video clip of the firwork display


and the Finale …


After the firework, we make our way back to our hotel. A little stopover at Hakodate Market. Most shops were closed. We had dinner at this outlet.



I had Tempura … crisp and the soup was shiooook !



My wife grasped every opportunity to have Uni… and she like it very much.



After dinner, we strolled to our hotel…. The light tunnel in front Hakodate sparkled in dark night sky.

IMG_5015IMG_5016hakodate JR lights


200 m from our Hotel – Daimon Yokocho – compact food stores similar to Kagoshima Yataimura. A little too quiet as people were all packed in door. Do not have the same atmosphere as what we expect.



End of Day 4 : During our last visit to Hokkaido in July 2008, we thought it must be wonderful to spend our Christmas at Kanemori waterfront. And here we are, it was enchanting and dazzling Christmas eve at Kanemori Red Brick warehouse. We love both the quiet orange lit street and bustling Christmas crowd.

….. and the very tasty Lucky Pierrot Burger and Sweet Juicy Uni dinner !

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