Heading to South Africa

27 August 2013 Tuesday.

2200 hrs, tour members gathered at Changi Airport and were introduced to our Dynasty Travel tour guide. After group checked in, we proceeded to the airport lounge. Had some random snack while waiting for our flight which was scheduled to take off at 0100 hrs.

28 August 2014 Wednesday.

After boarding and had some wine, I dozed off.  By the time I woke up, we were served breakfast followed by touched down on Johannesburg airport. We waited for an hour in the plane before it took off for Cape Town.

1100 hrs, I finally set foot on this Dark Continent (Dark may not sound nice, the real implication is mysterious). It was extremely windy and cold as we dragged our luggage to the tour bus.

An hour drive through forest and wide open field. It was foggy and raining throughout the journey.



The bus finally stopped and we headed into ostrich farm with extreme cold winds and rain pounding on us.



We had our lunch – rice, ostrich meat and ostrich egg. The wine was good.




After lunch, We had some quick introduction on ostrich farming.



The guide told us our mission is to see the Big Five.



We took some pictures when the rain was not pounding too heavily.




Most people like the peacock more the Ostrich.




The tour bus continued to do the city tour with historic elaboration of Portuguese, Dutch and English era before Nelson Mandela became president. No pictures taken because the rain was extremely heavy. Had a stop for money changing, another stop at Victoria wharf and a final stop for dinner.

Checked into Southern Sun Hotel . The guide told us to restrict ourselves to the hotel and so everyone stayed within.

What a way to start our South Africa Holiday ! Hoping for dry sunny day.

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