Heading to NZ North Island

8 March 2018, Thursday.

We were a little early when we arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 3. We had sometime to explore our Singapore Airport. Unlike the older terminal, this terminal look marvelous.



And the best advertising effort…



The clearance was always smooth and at 12 midnight, we were on our flight to Canberra.

9 March 2018, Friday. 1000 hrs (Canberra time).

We were hovering above Canberra…. Yes, we could see the typical Aussie grassland and more…. I thought I saw large solar power farm – it is great effort to harvest renewable energy !



Touch down Canberra…



We had one hour layover time. All passenger disembarked. The airport building is neat, glassy and complex architecture… but a little too quiet !

Standing out against absolute clear blue sky.



1130 hrs…bid goodbye to the infinity grassland.



1630 hrs (Wellington time)… the aircraft started its descend from South Island Nelson.



1700 hrs… We landed in Wellington. The customs clearance is extremely difficult and slow… very similar to our last trip to NZ.

1800 hrs… We had another struggle with the car rental company contact. Fortunately, the staff who sold us SIM cards helped us. The very friendly GoRental Staff turned up to meet us and drove us to their office. The processing was easy and very smooth.

This is the little car that will bring us round North Island during this trip. (82 is a good number ! Iceland rented car is 28)



Heading to Shepard Arms Hotel and checked in. Classic / Traditional architecture – I guessed the building along the street was constructed middle of last century or earlier. Some hard work to bring all our luggage up the flight of stairs.



After some exploration around the hotel, we decided to have dinner at the restaurant attached to the hotel. It gave us a warm cosy feeling.



Our orders…. a little too excessive…. every dish comes with baked bread that taste superb… we ate a lot of bread and could not finish the main course.



After a long day of traveling…. we were back to our hotel room. We need good rest so that we could start our NZ North Island Adventure the next day.

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